State-of-the-Art Fraud Prevention

idkb (IDentity Knowledge Base) was inspired by the unique requirements of an upscale vacation rental platform, with a core mission to detect and prevent fraud without compromise. The initial goal was to craft a fraud prevention solution that not only ensures a seamless experience for HNWI customers, but also establishes a resilient system — one that stands strong against manipulation and evasion attempts by fraudulent actors.

Over time, idkb has evolved into a versatile tool – a veritable Swiss Army knife in the realm of identity analytics. It consolidates multiple data sources such as email, domain, phone, browser, social profiles, IP analytics, and AML data. By unifying these disparate elements, idkb crafts a comprehensive portrait of user identities, thereby enabling more sophisticated and efficient fraud detection.

Our commitment to user privacy and business ethics ensures robust security without compromising trust.

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