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About - idkb

Get a complete picture of each user

idkb (ˈɪd ˈkeɪˈbiː, IDentity Knowledge Base) is an user analytics platform that helps you track and understand user activity on your digital properties. With idkb, you can see how users interact with your site or app across different devices, locations, and connections, giving you valuable insights into their behavior and preferences.

In addition to providing a comprehensive overview of user activity, idkb also helps you audit and investigate potential risks, whether they are caused by malicious insiders, unsafe behavior, or simple mistakes. Our service-side event collection makes it impossible to block idkb, ensuring that you have a reliable source of truth for your user data.

Whether you're looking to optimize user experience, identify security threats, or simply gain a deeper understanding of your users, idkb has the tools and features you need.

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